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The Art Department

Within the Art Department, the Pluridisciplinary Workshop (Atelier pluridisciplinaire – AP) is at the junction of all practices, both individual and collective. As the nucleus of the art department, all the outcomes are articulated around it. Intended as a laboratory for contemporary experimentation and production, the AP allows each student to broaden their practical scope, placing their personal project in a contemporary perspective relevant to the current stakes of art.


A support workshop linked to the courses included in thus department: drawing, painting, sculpture, performance-installation, video, photography and digital arts.

The AP (Pluridisciplinary Workshop) is a place dedicated to experimentation that seeks out and values new, uncomfortable, and “unlikely” ideas, and blending artistic, visual and sound practices. It aims at discovering the field of art, its current state, its variety, its methods, its modes of thinking, its spaces of existence and its multiple mediums.

Teachers : Bernadette Kluyskens, Amélie Laplanche, Ivo Provoost


The AP seeks to establish a group dynamics (assignments to small groups of students organized in terms of affinities) while encouraging a creative approach. Punctual exercises are conceived in the form of headings containing various possibilities according to each student’s medium of choice in order to develop their personal reflection on art while drawing out and framing current critical issues in contemporary art.

Teachers : Simona Denicolai, Marie Feyereisen, Frédéric Gaillard, Ivo Provoost


Building on their acquired experience, students develop an autonomous, personal practice in a chosen field. At this stage, the course is focused on these personal practices. The education team is composed of two professors with complementary outlooks, allowing for transdisciplinary perspectives. The educational framework of the AP seeks to help each student develop and broaden their personal practice and elaborate its mediation. To that end, the students are invited to display and present their work on a regular basis and to provide a clear and critical account of their practical approach – preparing them to the goals of the final dissertation, along with its relevance and formal quality. At the end of the year, the students with present their orientations in a dissertation. The third year of Bachelor provides access to a degree. Students should therefore be prepared to present their practice, stepping from the personal to the public sphere.

Teachers : Simona Denicolai, Frédéric Gaillard, Bernadette Kluyskens

Media Department

In a world where signs and images have become a fundamental language, graphic designers share ideas, information and emotions. Students are consequently invited to situate themselves in and understand contemporary society while developing their own artistic approach through research and experimentation, associating ethics and aesthetics within the pleasure of creation.

Bac 1

A support workshop for the courses included in this department: typography, graphic design and visual and graphic communication

This workshop will raise questions pertaining to the meaning and structure of images, serving as an introduction to typography, layout, text/image relations, supports, materials, tools and gestures through indirect approaches. The aim is to make the students be able to confront the stakes of media through by discovering personalized approaches and working methods.

Teachers : Jérôme Degive, Sabine Voglaire

Bac 2

This workshop continues the introduction to the graphic vocabulary initiated in Bachelor 1 and connects this vocabulary to a given thematic, while engaging in a contemporary mode of communication and practice.

Teachers : Emmanuel Blondiau, Giovanni Guarini, Françoise Tahon

Bac 3

Making use an array of propositions, this course seeks to consolidate the personal research of the students, who are invited to define their own constraints, their limits, and to delineate their practice. In a written assignment, they will describe and analyze the development and evolution of their practice after three years of secondary studies.

Teachers : Alexia de Visscher, Isabelle Jossa, Marie-Christophe Lambert

Narration Department

Bac 1

A support workshop for the courses included in this department: illustration, comics, video and animation film.

This course aims at acquiring narrative construction skills that allows to elaborate narratives by integrating a number of devices and motives taken from classical dramaturgy: editing a narrative structured as an intellectual construct.

Teachers : Joanna Lorho, Stéphane Noël

Bac 2

The pluridisciplinary workshop is focused on the diverse nature of contemporary narratives and on the many ways in which to produce a narrative today. A priority is given to the multiplicity of contemporary narrative practices, sometimes remote from classical narrative patterns.

Teachers : Chantale Anciaux, Olivier Grenson, Isabelle Martin

Bac 3

Artistic course: pluridisciplinary course/pluridisciplinary workshop: AP Narration

This course is focused on practice. One third of the sessions is devoted to the presentation of fixed and moving images that offer a wide variety of narrative forms: inventory, list, picture book, interviews, loop, repetition, fable, hyper-narration, endless narration, discovery of the narrative dimension of various documents: administrative, medical, architectural documents, police reports… Guest speakers will come and discuss their personal practice.

Teachers : Denis Deprez, Inès Rabadan