De erg

Bachelor 1, 2 & 3

Professor: Raphaël Van Lerberghe

Starting off with technical exercises defined by “subjects” such as constrained drawing, word drawing or “the word inside the drawing”, students develop the blueprints of an artistic proposal and define the contours of a personal project. The aim is to experiment with drawing techniques and to discover the challenges they represent in contemporary art, among other things. On the whole, the course aims at giving the means to develop an artistic practice in drawing or in other media that may possibly be connected to references and issues pertaining to drawing. The content of the course is organised around six subjects and a number of technical exercises that students use to develop a combination of practical and theoretical tools. These tools allow them to start developing an artistic approach and to define the contours of a personal project. As students work with exhibitions as well as editorial and circumstantial topics, the content of the course is not entirely pre-established. Students respond to subjects in a personal way; therefore, technical precisions are differentiated. Presentation problems (display, installation, special relationship) are addressed for every proposal.