Image status

De erg

Teachers: Laurent Baudoux, Alain Goffin

Artistic, communicational, advertising, illustrative or documentary images form a whole in which we live, on a daily basis, willy-nilly... Each one has its own codes of representation. How to evaluate and play with the boundaries between these images?...

Icons, logos, pictograms, emoticons, illustrations, photos, phylacteries, onomatopoeia... all these worlds of written, purified or drawn signs constitute a communicational language rich in meaning whose graphic and narrative status will be questioned during the exercises proposed in this course.

The course will take place in the form of exchanges based on graphic experiences and "responses" to statements, harvesting images in order to create, in the form of a notebook, a communicational anthology.

All the graphic "answers" will be "no techno" ... and this, in order to "familiarise" oneself with the free practice of the drawn writing of signs (typographic and illustrated), without resorting to digital technology. At the end of this course cycle, this will constitute an "initiation" to drawing techniques. The analysis (*) of the content and the text/image ratio in different types of communication (poster, logo, packaging) but also in other forms of media such as illustration, comics, etc...

The course will also take the form of meetings of actors in the field of image creation and visits to exhibitions.

Evaluation will be continuous, through the proposed exercises and will be the subject of presentations, in workshops, carried out by the students.

(*) questioning on aesthetics, manipulation, "proof", legitimacy, ethics, plagiarism.