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Erg Galerie

12 – 19 March 2020

IN/BETWEEN PLACES brings together artists and poets/writers who contributed to PLACE, an online magazine that promotes encounters between various artistic practices and theoretical writings. For the first time, the exhibition reunites these artists within a specific physical setting in order to create a dialogue between the virtual space of the magazine and the real space of the gallery. The latter can be understood as the material counterpart of the digital platform, inviting thus the visitor to travel between these spaces – the virtual and the real – of which the frontiers become increasingly porous in our contemporary media society. If most of the displayed artworks may refer to different kinds of places, the exhibition’s particular focus concerns the question of how the digital place of the Internet and the physical environment of the gallery provide specific forms of displaying art that, rather than being confined to their proper spheres, might be conceived as distinct but communicating and interacting contexts that create places situated in/between the virtual and the real.

Contributing artists: Alexander Apostol, Jan Baetens, Paul Bogaert, Vincent Broqua, Thierry De Cordier, Michel Delville, Denis Deprez, Peter Downsbrough, Mark Geffriaud, Kenneth Goldsmith, Suzanne Lafont, Pascal Leclercq, Christian Milovanoff, Sinna Bryce Nasseri, Jan Peeters, Michael Punt, Narmine Sadeg, Alexander Schellow/ARG , Agnès Thurnauer, Elisabeth Waltregny

Opening: 12 March 2020, 7 pm; with an online talk - Kenneth Goldsmith with Laurence Rassel / Gabriel Franjou, live streamed on ergTV 8 pm.

Public event / artist talks: 13 March, 2 pm – 5 pm; with contributions by ARG, Jan Baetens, Narmine Sadeg, Sinna Bryce Nasseri, Michael Punt, a.o. ; moderated by Alexander Streitberger, Alexander Schellow

Performance by Mark Geffriaud 13 March, 10 pm, starting @ erg – main entrance, rue du Page 87

Curators: Alexander Schellow (ERG) and Alexander Streitberger (UCLouvain)

Exhibition display: William Reidiboym, Giuliana Diada, Dorian Timmermans

In cooperation with ergTV